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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Waiting Here for You...

We are ready Willow! We are ready precious "Ernie"! WE are WAITING for YOU! We ordered special car seats so everyone can fit in the van. We have been working hard at fundraising! We are nearly finished with both of your rooms. Mommy bought you new bottles Willow, Pink ones! Daddy built special bunk beds for your room "Ernie". You get the top bunk ;) We are holding an art auction for you right now. I am watching the mail EVERY day for my approval letter even though she told me it wouldn't be until next week :(  We are tired from all of the fundraising and keeping up with your brothers but it is so very worth it! Friday we are taking a small break and going to Sea World! The Down Syndrome Association Sponsors it every year. Next year you will be able to go with us! (:

We are ready sweet loves............ready! and Waiting.........and waiting...
****Daddy put a tree in Willow's Room today. It is a plain tree. But for a donation of ANY amount we will write your name on a heart and put it on her tree!!! Slowly transforming it into a beautiful Willow Tree!  Donate Here  then message me your name!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 Today I posted a few pics of Willow's Room. I have been blessed to find and receive free clothing, furniture and other used items. I absolutely LOVE old things. Antiques but also used items placed on the side of the road because their owner decided they were not good enough or were past their prime. I am always curious as to the history of these things. The ugly brown coffee table missing its glass sitting behind the shop of a flea market..... to me its Victorian shape and soft curves were perfect! Even the owner of the used furniture shop had no use for it! I had Marty squeeze it into the van and brought it home. I took out the jig saw and cut down a piece of "bead board" painted it white and sanded it just enough to look shabby chic. Perfect!!! I love that table. It sits in my living room. A new life. Brought back from its certain trip to the dump. I sometimes think of the owner and how they "missed out on such a great piece"! All of my rooms are filled with things I've found or people have thrown out. Yard Sales, Flea Markets and Garbage Day excite me the way shoes, jewelry or purses excite other women. As I lovingly helped Marty paint and restore Willow's crib and changing table we had picked up from the side of the road, I thought...... To Christ WE are like these things. We are broken, scarred, "past our prime". Yet he see's us as beautiful! He loves us. I look at my children this way. The way Christ looks at us. I do not see their flaws and imperfections. I know that they are there, just as Christ knows ours. But I simply see with love. I know with attention and nutrition.... they can be renewed. I know through Christ they are Redeemed! I often think about their birth parents and how they are missing out on such wonderful children! They saw them as worthless. They were labeled "Unworthy". But Christ says "Lift up your head!" You have a new name, a new life, and a hope that will carry you home!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why are they adopting......again?

"Why are they adopting..... again?"
This is one of the most exhausting questions. It is nearly impossible to explain WHY we chose to dedicate our entire lives to children/adults with special needs to those that are blinded by worldly standards. The negative messages relayed through family members and the text messages are not common but they creep into our world just the same. I understand the mentality. I even comprehend the logic. I just find responding exhausting because at the end of my "well practiced" speech I still get "the look". sigh*

Let me first start by saying Marty and I had very successful careers. We both worked extremely hard. I as a Marketing Rep in Healthcare and Marty as a General Manager of a car lot. We had a boat,  motorcycle and vacationed in the Florida Keys or took our older two to Disney on a whim. I shopped constantly for the latest styles and I had more than my share of material things. My daughters prom dress was ridiculously expensive and we bought her car cash for her 16th Birthday. Our son had a four wheeler, a small boat, and an expensive bicycle. Life was good. ..........or so we thought. Our children were getting older and Marty and I were spending more time with our friends. We were eating out, having drinks and enjoying life. .... or so we thought. As time went on. The hangovers got old. The company got stale. The Party Life we had envisioned for so long when we were young and raising babies prematurely..... suddenly seemed stupid. Just stupid. I felt like a fool running around partying at 35! I heard Christ calling me. I would begin speaking about my love for Christ at BBQ's while with our "usual group". They laughed in their drunken haze or started arguments about their own genius agnostic view of the world. It wasn't long before I couldn't stand myself! The revealing clothes. The fight to remain as thin as a twenty year old. The continuous working out. The jealousy. The back talking. The rumors. The gossip. I hated it all!!! I hated myself! I hated work. I hated "The Joneses" and I HATED the Status Quo! It was clear to us this "life" we dreamed about for so long.... new cars and parties and shopping was NOT for us. It left us empty, bored and miserable.

We were both on the same page. We "not so slowly" abandoned our old friends and began staying home. A LOT! We prayed. We watched a lot of TV. and we ate a LOT of Dairy Queen. We became even MORE bored! "I cant do this!" I told Marty. I don't want to party for the next 40 years like a washed up old woman! and I certainly do not want to sit here for 40 years eating Dairy Queen and watching American Idol!!!!!! Ugh!!! That evening I specifically prayed to God to show me my purpose. To reveal it to me. I had wasted so much time! I did NOT want to waste ANY more and I needed to know now! A half hour later I emailed a woman on Craigslist about her "Berkey Water Filter", she was selling. I was surprised to see this particular item on Craigslist because it was so specific. She emailed me back. At the bottom of her message was a link to her Facebook Page and Blog. I clicked on them. I instantly knew I was to meet this woman. The next day while picking up the water filter I met the woman that would change our lives. That woman was ..... Lindy House.

As I approached her front door, it flew open and I was greeted by Levi. He eagerly scaled my body like a monkey. Wrapping his arms and legs around me and smiling from ear to ear. Lindy was right behind him with Kole clinging to her. "I am so so sorry." she said, reaching for Levi. "Oh no!" I said. "I love him!" and I did. I fell madly in love with the House family that day. Their story, every member of their family, their love for Christ! I wanted it! ALL of it! I wanted THAT life!!! I wanted THAT story! I wanted to live without regret, without restraint, without apology!!! I wanted to LIVE!!

That evening I showed Marty Reece's Rainbow. My head was spinning! I was eager to contact Lindy again but didn't want to be stalker-ish! I thought nothing of Marty sitting in his chair with his laptop for hours. Until.... he looked at me and said "I want to do this." "Do what?" I asked. "Adopt." he replied. "Really?" I said. I didn't think in a million years he would agree to adopt!!! Is this the same man that had refused to give me a baby for ten years!?!? I couldn't believe it! He was serious. My husband is either IN or OUT. He is NEVER in-between. So I knew he was dead serious. I was excited, overjoyed, nervous and..................mad? Why am I mad!!??  I realized that his willingness to adopt was a punch in the gut to me because I so desperately wanted to BE pregnant! My daughter had been born when I was 19 and it was a tough experience. Marty had a son we had raised together. But we had no children of our own. I wanted a "good" pregnancy experience with the man I loved! I was soooo confused! Oh but friends!!! Our God gives us far more than we could ever imagine when we are obedient. He had a plan we knew nothing about! A plan to bless us with not only our own biological baby BUT two wonderful amazing adopted sons and THEN to do it again!!!??? I told my husband my desire to be pregnant.

That following summer we gave birth to our son Gage Leland Quinn. Lindy House recorded our Birth Story. Only one month later we committed to Dunham. One month after that.... Edgar. We sold the boat to buy a mini-van. We sold the motorcycle to supplement our bills while traveling and pay for the home study. After much sacrifice we brought our boys home June 7th 2014. Lindy allowed her 14 year old daughter to travel with me for the final trip to Ukraine to bring the boys home. Half a world away with a woman she met on Craigslist! lol! Friends, that is a God thing! That one prayer. The willingness to say yes. Sacrifice and commitment. We have been overwhelmed by the plan our Heavenly Father has for us! So God has once again called us to act. To move. We know it will be hard. We know it will be rough. We also know we will once again receive Gods incredible light, love and life!

So back to the question "Why are they adopting .... again?"

We have
Less money.
Less "things".
Less sleep!
Less free time.
Less energy.
Less regrets.
Less hangovers.
and Less drama.

More laughter.
More love.
More hope.
More joy.
More family.
and More Jesus

If you read this blog post and you still ask the question "Why?" I cannot ever answer enough of your questions or rebuttal enough of your objections to leave you satisfied.
 It is Christ you are seeking. Not answers.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift from God

Sweet sweet "Ernie". I never imagined so many people were praying for you. You have quite the fan club here in the U.S. I looked up your Ukrainian name today..... it means "Gift from God". Oh dear son you have no idea how true that is! I cant remember the first time I saw your face on Reece's Rainbow. You have always just..... been there. I am told you are a quiet boy. Maybe that is why it took so long to get your foolish mommy's attention? Once you had haunted my dreams, drowned out my thoughts and burned your image deep in my soul. I could not breath until I committed to you and I cannot rest until I hold you in my arms! I know you will find joy in our home. I know you will find friends, fun, comfort and love. You will forever be a beloved member of a family. Your brothers will be your best friends and your Daddy will protect you. As your mommy I promise to teach you things, kiss your boo boos, defend you and occasionally reprimand you. I promise I will always have time for hugs and kisses and playing fort, legos, and wrestling! (your brothers really like wrestling!) We will go to Disney, go camping, go swimming and Birthday Parties! and some of those parties will be just for you! I will be dreaming of tucking you in and kissing you goodnight. Until then sweet son, I send my kisses on Angel wings.... sweet dreams!

                                                            Our Beloved Son......

Friday, November 7, 2014

Unsung Heros "Nanny Ann"

I want to take a moment to recognize someone that works beside me EVERY day, caring for the boys. She never complains and is always a great listener. Wherever the boys are she is sure to be....
   She cleans the floors after every meal and is always tidying them up, keeping their hands and faces handsome and clean. She loves playing with them and keeps them entertained while I am busy cleaning. She is quiet during their nap time and sometimes lays with them to keep them warm. She rarely asks for anything in return. She gives the best hugs and kisses and the boys all adore her. She protects them and cares for them as if they were her own. She is a wonderful friend.
               Meet Lilly Ann aka "Nanny Ann"! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trust without Borders

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior
-Hillsong United

The Lord calls us to care for the less fortunate. The widows and orphans in their time of need. So what do we do when there are 153,000,000 orphans and 2.2 Billion Christians and few are adopting? Why is adopting orphans considered "radical"? Why do so many say they "cannot" adopt, when in truth they simply "will not" adopt? 

 I'll tell you what our local adoption group does. We ADOPT! Again, and again, until our arms can hold no more, our hearts are bursting and our tired bodies collapse each night in a heap of tears, love, and contentment. How many are enough? When do you stop saving the lives of dying children? You DONT! You NEVER stop caring. You sacrifice the unnecessary and you beg for others to take notice of the ONE you are trying to save TODAY! You fundraise until 2am and skip lunch so that you can blog, FB, and Twitter your child's face. You take advantage of every nap your other children take to fill out mounds of paperwork and squeeze every penny you can from the household budget. You allow your grey hair to stripe you like a skunk and you reconsider whether or not you truly need any personal luxuries at all (toilet paper). Everything is negotiable because there is a life at stake! You pray you will be approved. That your paperwork will be perfect and that you will not lose sight of your Heavenly Father. You beg him to remain close so you can feel his constant reassuring presence and you plead with him to keep your child safe. You ask him for patience, funding, and wisdom to make the right decisions.

So when do you stop adopting? When the 7% of Christians that are called to adopt, have faith. When they... "Walk upon the Waters, Wherever He should Call Them, and Trust without Borders."
This is our daughter ........Willow. Will you help us bring her home?

Monday, October 27, 2014

To the friend who had an abortion...

I still love you.

Some time ago I received a message from a long time friend. She had seen my many Pro-Life posts and wanted to "confess" to me her own abortion. She was afraid I would think differently of her.

Dear Friend,
I am so sorry that you carry this burden. You are not alone in your guilt, shame, remorse.... Thousands of other women share your pain. You see sweet friend, the world has lied to all of us. There is an enemy of this world that is very much REAL. He works diligently night and day to oppress Gods children. To convince them God does not exist. Without God we are free to do whatever we desire. Whatever is "convenient" for us. Whatever pleases us. Without shame, guilt or remorse. He is a liar. God does exist. He is a loving God. He has given us His Word, to protect us from this evil. His word is clear. It does not waiver. He loves us.

I know that you think of this child often. Would it have been your only daughter? Another delightful, funny, handsome son? Would they have looked like you? What a wonderful gift a sibling would have been for your only son. I grieve with you. With all of you. You are not alone. Know that your child is safe in the arms of Jesus. One day you will be reunited! THAT is the gift of a loving God! He takes our ugly and he makes it beautiful. Your child is not gone forever.

Now that you know the lie. The deceit. The terrible evil that is "abortion". Do not hide from me. From God. From those that might judge you. The voice of evil is loud! It is drowning out the voice of TRUTH! Our voices must be louder. You can make a difference. Save others from a life of remorse. You are worthy! You are beautiful! You are loved!

Your Friend